We Are Soft Melon Games Studio!

Our games are designed for everyone who needs some zen and relaxation in their lives. Whether you want to escape the daily stress or enjoy a slice of fresh melon (seedless, of course!), our games will immerse you in a soothing ocean of gentle emotions.

our Home


We are a passionate team of developers and artists based in the heart of Hong Kong, Mainland. With the support of VC fund and reputable sponsors, we have over 10 years of experience in creating immersive games. We are always striving to reach new heights in our first journey as a game studio.

a little bit about …

Our Games

Zen Space

From start to finish, a beautiful adventure

The Feeling

Enjoy the moment without any hassle,
no need to grind or level up, just chill

Not just game

it’s an oasis for your brain to take a break

What’s Ahead ?

Get ready for Blue Drop, our upcoming game that is in the works. We will reveal more details soon!
You will be enchanted by our fresh and serene ocean world, where a young girl and her submarine mech embark on a heartwarming adventure!